Get to know yourself through meditation and journaling…

Meditation Basics

Learning About Meditation

The main lesson to learn about meditation is to let go of judgment. There are many types of meditation, so it is important to find the one that is right for you. 

Types of Meditation

Japamala Meditation

Learn how to use Japamala beads to chant a mantra to honor Ganesha, the God of obstacles. “Om Gam Ganpataye Namah”
I offer my salutations and bow to you, Ganesha.

Yoga History / Philosophy

Ashtanga Yoga comes from the Sanskrit words meaning 8 limbs. Read about the 8 limbs here:

Among the first of Ashtanga Yoga’s limb Yamas (personal morals), we have the idea of Satya, being Truthful. Read more about this idea here:

Guided Meditations

Heart Meditation

On Hearing and Listening Meditation

Relaxed Shoulders and Neck Meditation

Journaling Tools

My Day Journal

My Day Journal: 7 Days to Greater Clarity

365 Journal Prompts

365 Journal Prompts

Turning Journaling into a Habit

Turning Journaling into a Habit e-book


Making Affirmations Work For You

Affirmation Tools

Affirmations Made Easy e-book

Topics for Reflection

Active Listening

Recommended books for further inquiry: