Artistic expression can be used to see ourselves as a whole person, and not just a physical body. This class explores the various components of self through a range of artistic practices. Every lesson allows you to (re)discover yourself through different modalities: drawing mandalas, exploring abstract expressionism, drawing ancient symbols, short story writing, and more. Materials are provided, though students may bring their own supplies. Explore your feelings and emotions through artistic expression, and explore yourself deeply through expressing your voice, talents, and passions. 


Sometimes life gets so busy and we have so many demands on us that we simply forget who we are. Give yourself eight weeks to connect to yourself. This class explores methods to (re)connect to yourself and how to build a better relationship with yourself. You will use methods such as journaling, personal exploration, and visualization journeys to (re)discover your personal amazement.


Feeling unfocused, stressed, and can’t seem to get any area of your home cleaned? In this class you will learn methods to break free from the chains of clutter. Weekly checklists and worksheets will keep you focused so you can achieve a state of organized calm in your life. Decluttering your physical space as well as your mental clutter will leave you more focused, less stressed, healthier, and more productive.


This class will dive into techniques you can implement on a daily basis to be more present, more mindful, so you can be living in your highest self throughout the day. Living in the present moment allows us to release the depression of the past and the anxiety about the future. Learn ways to stay fully present so you don’t miss out on all the good happening in your life right now! Stop to smell the roses!


Journaling provides insight into your life. Both through perspective and looking at influences. This class covers various methods of journaling (creative writing, bullet journaling, mind mapping, scrapbooking, visualizations, among others) to spark your connection to self. By incorporating creativity into your journaling, a deeper level of connecting to self is possible.


Manifestation is simple in concept, but many people don’t know they are currently manifesting a life they don’t want. This course explores how to master the Law of Attraction, and teaches you the Laws of the Universe you need to know to manifest your dream life. You will explore what you really want out of life through exercises and homework. The class offers you an opportunity to create a Vision Board (materials are provided) to hang in your home so that you can focus on what you want to DO, BE, and HAVE in your life.


Meditation has been shown to be an effective way to balance one’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well being. Among the advantages of a meditation practice are enhanced focus, relaxation, and a more profound understanding of yourself and others. Explore different schools of meditation, struggles we face with meditation, breathing techniques, and so much more in this experiential class. This class also covers altar making. Creating a sacred space in your home increases your intention towards personal transformation and spiritual development.


Increase your confidence by exploring your personal power. Your personal power is your ability to change the direction of your life, just as much as it’s your ability to make the conscious choice to stay the course. Your developed and natural strength, confidence and competence are all rooted in your personal power, fueled by it and fuel it in return. Each week we will explore ways to increase your confidence and step into your personal power. Central to personal power is striving for ultimate meaning and satisfaction within yourself and your life. Unlike negative types of power, the goal of personal power is to master oneself and one’s own world. It is rooted in a specific state of mind that when adopted results in an attitude of empowerment that allows you to become a proactive actor in one’s own life, versus a victim of life.


Don’t just raise your vibration! Keep it lifted up by implementing methods to attract positive people, feelings, and experiences into your life. The universe needs a sign from you to match you back – let’s keep the signs lifted! This course explains and explores the 7 chakra system (energetic system of the body) and covers how balancing each chakra will help keep your vibration high. A plant-based diet is encouraged to raise your vibration; this course covers nutritional and health benefits of incorporating a plant-based diet and will share recipes to take home and try


Throughout our childhood, we develop a framework by which we experience the world around us and receive feedback about our behaviors from external individuals and systems. By early adulthood, we’ve developed a story—a narrative script we tell ourselves and others about what happened in our past, how the world works, and who we are. Our brain uses this story like a blueprint to make sense of the world—to predict, evaluate, react to, and control our lives. Often the blueprint is outdated and needs to be changed. This course will give you the tools to re-write your outdated scripts, look at life differently, and to overcome limiting beliefs in a safe environment.


Yoga philosophy guides us to live a more productive, aligned, purposeful, and intentional life. Learn how the eight limbs of the 2,000+ year old ashtanga yoga point your focus to your true self and consciousness. Understanding and practicing the intertwined eight limbs opens someone to a realization of one’s true self and consciousness, destroying all obstacles standing in their way as well as the impurities of the mind and body. It also results in directing focus towards our health, and aids in the acknowledgement and development of our spiritual inclinations. Exploration of main Yogic texts, including Yoga Sutras and The Bhagavad Gita will be included in this course.


Besides helping the environment by maintaining a plant-based diet, you also gain many health benefits when you introduce a more plant-based diet into your life. This class will cover nutrition essentials for going veggie and share how to create scrumptious vegetarian meals that the whole family will love!