olive harvest meditation with yoga instructor and meditation coach Heather Felty

Heather harvesting olives in Arcadia, Greece, November 2003

Hi, I’m Heather, and I’m here to support you on your journey to step into yourself. 

As a registered yoga teacher who has been studying the philosophy of yoga for over 20 years, I’ve shared my knowledge and insight with hundreds of people who have struggled with overwhelm, distraction, insecurity, and more!

My life’s passion is to help others learn to quiet the noise, find their focus, and put themselves first for a change. It turns out that self-care is NOT selfish, despite what we’ve been told. When we take care of our needs first, we are in better shape to take care of family, friends, and even colleagues. My goal is to help lift people to the best version of themselves so that our collective community is filled with loving kindness and mindful compassion.

I created Inner Peace Connection to support others to embrace their amazement!! My thoughtful courses and signature Know Yourself monthly membership guide you to re-discover (or perhaps discover for the very first time) who you really are and how to live your life from a place of true self-compassion. My aim is to help you find calm in a hectic world, provide a catalyst for you to invest in yourself and your self (re)discovery, and ultimately learn to accept yourself rather than seeking to “improve” yourself.

Sometimes, when we spend so much of our lives with feelings of anxiety and negativity, we start to believe those feelings are a part of our personality. This leads us to believe we’re somehow behind the rest of the world, like we need to change who we fundamentally are. But all of the anxiety and negativity you feel on a daily basis is NOT who you are. What I teach is not self-improvement at all. It’s the discovery of all the wonderful things about yourself that have gotten shoved down and buried over the years. Our main tools are meditation and journaling, sprinkled with the insightful messages from yoga philosophy. 

My intention is to help you uncover the fantastic aspects of you, so you can truly show up in life – without all the stress, guilt, and overwhelm. 

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Give yourself the gift of finding yourself, where you’ll love to stay for life!