In our ever-rushing society, we all have too much on our plate, never enough time, and an increasing level of stress. We’re taxed and feel the pressure to perform and meet the demands of our daily lives.

It is important to take steps every day to ensure you keep stress under control.

  • We’ll forgo the obvious recommendation of meditation here. If you aren’t already incorporating a few minutes of meditation into your daily routine, do yourself a favor and do it right now. Seriously, stop reading this article, put your device down or turn away from the computer. Sit with your eyes closed for 5 minutes. Just breathe. (Here’s my post on meditating in case it helps.)

Exercise – or at least Move More

There are been enough studies on this for you to know and hopefully believe that exercises is good for us. Endorphins released after we exercise just makes us feel good. Any moderate amount of movement is good. Walking is probably the best way to start if you have been sitting for too long. If the stress is coming from your computer, walking is a great release. Especially if you can get outside and breathe fresh air.  

Dial Down the Caffeine

Caffeine gets most of us through the day. Especially when we are suffering from a lack of sleep. It just feeds the cycle. As a stimulant, it increases adrenaline in the body, which you might know is a stress hormone.

Listen to Uplifting Music

Music serves as therapy for some people. Listening to relaxing music has been shown to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety! Playing music that makes you happy can actually lift your mood, which naturally causes you to relax. What’s more, singing can greatly improve your mood. Just check out this Time article Singing Changes Your Brain.

Be Grateful

This one should become completely natural for you. Take note of the very simple things in life that might be taken for granted. An example: when you are grumbling in your head about having to exercise, take a moment to recognize how amazing it is that you have the ability to walk and move your fully functioning body. Or: When you are asked to do one more thing when your task list is already maxed out, take a breath and be thankful you are needed. At the first sign of a negative, stress-filled thought, try to train yourself to immediately think of one thing that gives you calm.

Journal or Talk to Someone

Journaling can be very therapeutic. But it can also be harmful when you use it to “vent.” Venting, or sharing your complaints, is actually counterproductive from the Law of Attraction standpoint. The more negative you are, the more negative you’ll stay. Even when you are having a hard day, find something positive to share with a friend, or to write in your journal. This goes hand in hand with the mindset in the Be Grateful section above. If you are going to talk/write about negative or stressful situations, try to tap into how the situation makes you feel. The better you can connect to your emotions, the easier it will be to remove stress from your life.


Obviously an excellent way to deal with stress is just to keep it away completely! Once you can accept that you can’t control everything in your life, the easier it will be to keep a positive attitude.

Also, do what you can to relax, but try to find relaxation that doesn’t involve your computer or the TV. Play a board game, take up knitting or drawing, read a book, take a walk around the block. And don’t balk at the idea of taking a nap. Sometimes a lack of sleep is what is making us susceptible to stress in the first place.  

Being present in your daily life is very important, and taking a moment to take stock in the goodness that shines on you will help reduce that stress into a manageable portion.