Personal responsibility means you are taking ownership over your choices. Choices influence the outcomes in your life, and what you learn from those outcomes informs better decisions in future actions and choices.

When you own your responsibility for every circumstance, you take control of your reality.

You are not only responsible for your own persona and daily life, but you also have responsibility in your relationships, experiences, reactions, mental functioning, emotional status, physical wellness, and connection to life as well.

Taking responsibility for actions you’ve taken or allowing various outcomes provides you with the lessons and opportunities to create change and positively influence your future outcomes. When you own your actions, it can create tremendous positive results such as self-control, respect, success, inner peace, smooth interactions, intelligent responses, personal satisfaction, and more.

Use the following seven tips to start taking personal responsibility today!

Don’t Blame Others
Why do we so easily often avoid taking personal responsibility, and then resort to the negative approach of blaming others, or developing excuses and some explanations? In the overwhelming majority of cases, we do so because it suits into our comfort zone, and allows us believe or at least make believe that we have done no wrong and that whatever went wrong, was not our fault or responsibility, but someone else’s. It can come across as lazy when we put blame on someone or something else  so we don’t have to address the real reason behind what happened. Blaming others doesn’t change the outcome, and unfortunately can cause the one who blames to appear to be lacking loyalty and integrity.

Don’t Take Other People’s Actions or Words Personally
A common insecurity we face is assuming that everything is about us. When you are taking any form of controversy as a personal attack, it shows that you consider other people’s actions or words personally. Always keep in mind; you don’t have control over how other people respond, you only have control over how you respond. Refuse to take anything personally. It is most probably not about you, but about the issue at hand, or the speaker’s own personal issues. Instead of making assumptions, ask questions. Questions get you clarity, and also show that you care to find the truth in the situation.

Know That Complaining Yields No Positive Results
Complaining is another form of blaming and playing the victim as if you have no choice. It also signifies that you concentrate on lack, things going wrong, things happening to you. In everything not going according to plan, there is a gift; there is a bigger picture.

Be Honest With Yourself
Be honest with yourself that your life is now. There is only one moment: now. The past is history; the future is a mystery, so there is only now this moment. Take responsibility for this moment and make the best of it to redeem the past and create the future you want.

Know You Have Choices And Stand Behind Each Choice You Make
The job you are doing, where you live, your spouse or partner, the house you live in, the car you drive, the friends you keep. These are things that we chose; if you are dissatisfied with some or all of these things, it is time to make a different choice. Small incremental changes can create significant results! Every moment presents you with a choice. Make the choice that is right for you in the moment.

Don’t Fall Into Victim Mode, Always Feel Calm and Confident
When you take responsibility for your life and experience, you go into a place of calm confidence. You feel calm because you know that you are purposefully in charge of yourself and that you can choose how you respond. You feel assured that you will not fall into victim-mode when other people feel the need to say negative things, or put you in a position of feeling you aren’t enough. You are everything you need to be, be confident in knowing you know the right way to respond to the situation.

Create Intention Behind Every Action
You have the power to choose. In fact, you are making choices all the time. Tea or coffee, red dress or black dress, hair up or down, yoga or go for a run. Even by not making a choice, you are making a choice. So become intentional in making choices by having a vision in mind. A vision for your life, your business, your relationship, your health, wealth, or anything else. Living intentionally by deliberately making choices to move you forward toward manifesting your vision or outcomes means you are deliberately taking responsibility for your life.


The power us within you to always take personal responsibility for your life. Being responsible for your actions may not be easy, but choosing to be responsible is very empowering. Allow yourself to be in control of your life and handle the various hurdles life throws you with grace and determination.