If you want to fully embrace and own your personal power, you must accept all parts of yourself, which includes facing the fears that may be controlling your life. When fears become powerful, they can consume your energy and rob you of the ability to reach your goals or feel confident in your life. Learning to face your fears is crucial if you want to truly feel powerful and in control.


Learning from Fear

In the same way that our failures and setbacks in life have much to teach us, so do our fears. Everyone fears something. It is a part of being human. It is impossible to be utterly fearless, no matter how hard you might try. And often, fear is a helpful thing, keeping us safe from possible harm. So, instead of avoiding those fears or making decisions that keep us from situations that bring us fear, we should instead seek to understand those fears.

Most of the fears you likely have in your life are unnecessary for securing your physical safety and are probably robbing you of the power and strength you want in your life. Fear is usually the result of a lack of self-worth of confidence, and these anxieties can keep you from reaching your goals or living in happiness.

Instead of running from your fears, it is time to turn and look more closely at them. Fear is rooted in your uncertainty in your abilities or worthiness, so finding exactly what it is you are afraid of, and where that fear comes from can help you understand and learn from it. Most concerns are not based on your actual accomplishments or abilities, and many are entirely irrational. What would happen if your greatest fear came true? What would the consequence really be? And how could you overcome that?

Fear is a sign that there is untapped power in your life. Wherever you are afraid, you have the potential to grow your confidence and become more powerful. So, how do you turn your biggest fears into sources of strength in your life? Here is how.


How to Turn Your Fear into Power

First, you need to reflect on those fears. Dig deep to look at what underlies those feelings. What are you afraid of? What if that fear comes true? What will it mean about you if your fear is realized? As you are reflecting, listen to the types of words you use and the way you talk to yourself. Do you hear negative self-talk? Are you sabotaging your own confidence as you reflect on this topic? These negative statements also tell you a lot about your fears.

Turn these fears into positive affirmations. State your positive outcomes as if it has already happened. Write it down. Turn your fear into a reality you want to realize. Repeat your affirmations daily while you are working toward your goals.

Next, weigh the possible outcomes if you pursue that which scares you. If you pursue this dream, despite your fears, what could happen? If you do not, what could happen? Write a list of pros and cons for each path, including the worst-case scenario for each. Once you do this, you will realize that you can overcome all the obstacles you perceive as standing in your way to achieving your dreams.

The final step is acting on your goals and taking the plunge to push past your fear and move forward. Do one thing that moves you in a positive direction. Tomorrow, do another. Each day take one step closer to confronting your fear and realizing your goals. Each little step brings you closer to your final destination.


If you are ready to face your fears and harness them to develop your personal power, today is the first opportunity to take the first step.


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