Find Peace and Happiness

When you start journaling your life, you begin to find all of these amazing benefits. It is wonderful for your mental, physical, and emotional health. These benefits might take a little while to become apparent, so be patient! And don’t force yourself to feel or experience something you think you should be experiencing. Just let it come naturally.

One of our favorite benefits of journaling is the ability to truly become a happier and more peaceful person. This is through the act of journaling, the clarity you get, creating plans for the future, and so much more. Here is a quick look at how you can become a happier and more content person with journaling.

It’s Not Meant to Be Perfect

The first thing to remember is that journaling is not meant to be perfect. It is not something you need to do a certain way and there is no “right” way to do it. But that’s the beauty of it – it becomes whatever you need it to be.

This is at the forefront of finding more peace with journaling, because there is no pressure. You are not showing your journal to anyone (unless you want to), so you can write anything and everything you want without worrying about the repercussions.

Your journal is your private sanctuary, your safe haven, the one place you can go to where you can express all your inner thoughts and hopes and fears without worrying about judgment or ridicule.

This provides so much power for your life, allowing you to become a much more peaceful person, and ultimately, a happier person.

Expert Tip – Keeping Your Journal Private

If this is something you hope to get out of your journaling experience, keep it private! Either don’t tell people you have it or always keep it with you or in a safe place. Knowing nobody can find your journal and read it makes it even more freeing for you.

Journaling for Mindful Thinking

The next way journaling can help you become a happier person is through mindful thinking. Mindfulness is all about living in the current moment and acknowledging what you feel right now, whether it is good or bad. You take each moment to reflect on your current mental and physical state, without worrying too much about the future or dwelling on the past.

It is used in many different scenarios, with some people doing mindful meditation on a daily basis, while others practice mindfulness for things like weight loss (mindful eating) or just mindful thinking as they go throughout their day.

It is an amazing tool for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

How do You Use it in Journaling?

Something to keep in mind is that you don’t need to try to be mindful while journaling, because the act of writing in your journal alone will become a more mindful experience. However, here are some tips for being more mindful as you journal:

Take a minute to think about your thoughts first. There is no need to rush into writing in your journal if you have a little extra time. Take a few minutes to just sit quietly, close your eyes, and explore what your mind is providing you. It will typically guide you in one direction or another, giving you clues as to what is a priority right now in your thought process.

Journal about what you are feeling at this very moment before going into the past or future. Yes, there are a lot of benefits to journaling about what you have gone through, remembering important moments in your life, and making plans for the future. But for mindful journaling, always start with the present and what you are experiencing at this point in your life before exploring other moments.

When making plans, think of what you can change NOW. Another way to be more mindful in your journaling process is to think of what you can change now, or in the near future, as opposed to what you can do in 6 months or a year or longer. As you make plans and set your goals for the future, always start with the present day and circumstances right now in your life.

Allow yourself to be grateful for your current life. A big part of being mindful is understanding, acknowledging, and appreciating how you feel right now. Listen to what your mind is telling you, feel those emotions, be grateful for your life, then move on.

Express Gratitude

Speaking of gratitude, this is another amazing benefit you get by journaling. Sometimes it can seem a little counter-intuitive, but when you are more thankful for what is in your life, it brings in even more happiness and more things to be grateful for.

Never underestimate the power of gratitude.

No matter where your life is now, you have something to be grateful for. There are big things and small things, and everything in between. Here are some examples, though what YOU are grateful for is going to be unique for YOU.

  • You have steady employment – whether it is your dream job or not.
  • Your personal/family life is going well.
  • You got up today.
  • Your illness is improving.
  • You have amazing friends in your life.
  • You accomplished something today.
  • You are working hard on your goals.
  • You have all the basic comforts people need.
  • You had help with a big problem you were experiencing.
  • Your faith is helping to bring you peace in a dark time.

Remember nothing is too small or insignificant.

How to Express Gratitude in Your Journal

This part is easy – just write it down! Some people will have a journal specifically dedicated to their daily gratitude, but this isn’t necessary. If you are journaling your life and writing in it every day, you can have one section each day where you list at least one thing you are grateful for today. This is also going to help with mindfulness.

Don’t feel too much pressure to make it long and detailed. Just a simple sentence about something you are grateful for today is all you need.

Happiness Through Achievements

Another thing that people tend to underestimate in their life is how much happier and fulfilled they feel when they accomplish something. Making goals and reaching them is so much more than what it brings to you on a financial or professional level – this can bring you so much joy when you realize you set a goal and accomplished it.

These can be achievements in your personal or professional life. There are a lot of wonderful things to set your mind to and work hard to strive for.

Every small and large achievement is worth celebrating.

Use your journal to celebrate every single achievement you have, from small things like getting up the courage to meet someone new, to large achievements like completing a big project or a goal you wrote in your journal a while ago.


Memories and Nostalgia

There are some memories in your life that you might not want to remember – mistakes you have made, regrets you have. But those good memories – the ones you really want to hold onto, can bring you joy.

Think about a time when you were truly happy. It can be one small moment, a compliment paid to you, a fun birthday, a special moment between you and a beloved family member. When you think back on it, it brings you joy, right? You smile at the thought of it.

This is what nostalgia can bring to you. When you write everything down in your journal, you have all these opportunities to bring back your happy memories, reflect on them, and become a happier person having experienced them.

Journaling For Your Life

Journaling supports your self-discovery and growth!

Knowing who you are is essential to keeping you on track for personal success and leading a happy, calm life.

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