Ganesha, the Hindu god of wisdom, is granted the task of helping us get past all of life’s difficulties. He represents the will and power we have to overcome our challenges and is the protector and guide when we go through difficulties, no matter how hard they seem.

Born to the gods Parvati and Shiva, Ganesha is a symbol of growth and potential as a baby, with maturing responsibilities to us in his older age.

Ganesha is known by the epithet vighnesvara in Sanskrit. It means, ‘the master of what agitates us.’ This simply means Ganesha is capable and always available to help us solve distressing problems, and is in absolute control over situations that causes us anxiety. His duty is to place these obstacles on our path, while always watching over us, and helping us get on with them, for the purpose of spiritual growth. Ganesha aids us with understanding of how to deal with the obstacles we encounter. He teaches us that problems are only a means to an end. So these challenges aren’t exactly obstacles, but provide a path leading us to self-realization and a greater truth.

He is also the representation of the Pratyahara. He helps us attain self-withdrawal; for us to intently detach ourselves and aim concentration on the inner without any distractions from the external. Simply put: a gradual process of learning to refrain from outside stimuli and focus more on internal awareness.

As the god of wisdom, he is further dubbed the ‘master of the mind.’ He guides us to make the right decisions, and bestows us with wisdom from the inside. He propels our creativity and intelligence, and always comes to the rescue when he is called upon. He further serves as a guide to help us distinguish and envision through the gates of perception. He helps access the memories and knowledge we’ve accumulated in the course of living our lives, to keep us in tune with the development of our inner cycles and intuitions, or nudges.

Ganesha is the god you look for when you seek protection, or seem to be at a loss or crossroads, or looking for a new beginning. He is there to offer us timely insight.  He is everything you want him to be. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, guardian of the gates, the master of the mind, the Lord of new beginnings.

His physical representation is a person with an elephant-head, adorned with a crown. He’s got a big belly, and is often depicted riding on a mouse adorned with a jeweled carpet. He has four arms, one of which holds sweets and other an axe.

These physical representation show him as an embodiment of the encumbrances of our daily lives; the axe symbolizes his admonition to us to cut down and destroy our attachments to the past and the things of the world.

We are urged to practice the Ganesha Maha Mantra whenever we encounter challenges, in order to gain deeper insights and understanding on how to tackle them, and imagine Ganesha coming to your aid as one of his boundless attributes. The mantra helps ward off bad vibes and keeps your thoughts in place. The Ganesha Maha Mantra:


It is to be chanted before starting a new venture, and meditated upon to gain a higher understanding and deeper revelation. The mantra is connecting to Ganesha (aka Ganapataye) and the speaker is offering salutations to Ganesha linked with the universal sound of OM.

Remember that Ganesha is ready for you whenever you need help with an obstacle in your path. Keep Ganesha in mind as needed throughout 2019!