I’m living the dream. Even during a time of struggle, I am enjoying each moment to the fullest.

Of course it helps that I’m sitting poolside at an AirBnB apartment where I’m staying for a few days on the Greek island of Kea. It’s the first infinity pool I’ve been in that looks out over the ocean.

Every day we pry ourselves away from the hotel paradise to hike the ancient trails of Kea’s arid landscape. It is August-hot out there! My partner and I are sweating up a storm as the sun beats down on us, and we are loving every minute of it.

We value the ability of our bodies to move. We know that fresh air inhaled deeply will give us even more energy, that the varied scenery will exhilarate our minds, and even though it might sound slightly off, that the power it takes to go uphill will be returned on the way back down.

When there is no hurry to get there, no rush to beat the clock, when one can just be in the moment and enjoy what one has, there can be incredible peace within. Ok, yes, I know, it helps that I’m on vacation. One can’t always be so mindful when one’s boss is giving grief or the kids need to be fed…

But I drink in these moments. I absorb as much as I can because I know the sea won’t be my backyard for long. My mantra is to embrace it, to enjoy it as best I can. My attitude is to keep positive, even as sweat is dripping down my nose.

It can be hard to not let the negative things creep in and take over the beauty in life. But it is important to keep your mindset positive. Remember that everything is temporary – the good and the bad. Everything passes and we are left with alone with our thoughts.

So the question is: When I get back to my regular work schedule and pressures of mommy-hood, will I keep this energy, or will I let the daily distractions cloud my thoughts?

Honestly, I know the clouds will come. But every day I will meditate to keep the calm and every day I will resolve to think about the heat of the sun beating down on my glistening skin (and this will be easier once the snow starts falling in Wisconsin).

Actually, it sounds like a great task to add to my daily routine. A visual memory of the intensity of heat and climbing the steep rocky landscape. Discomfort of body can bring comfort of thought. It is all in how you think about the experience.

I hope you can look at your life situations in a positive perspective. Rather than focus on being frustrated that you have to cook yet another meal, think of the nourishment you are providing to yourself and/or your loved ones. Rather than be annoyed at the alarm clock going off to drag yourself out of bed to work, consider how lucky you are to have a job to work hard for.

Probably if you start to incorporate meditation into your daily life, seeing the positive will come more naturally to you. It isn’t that we should ignore the negative, or never get upset, but being mindful helps keep us out of the negativity rut that is easy to fall into.

Chin up, stay positive, and recognize the simple wonders of the life around you!