Let us focus on connection.  

The Pandemic taught us a lot about connection… how much we need it, how important it is, how we grow from it. Throughout that time of physical disconnection, most of us continued to stay connected and busy, with life stuff in general, and also with life stuff that helped us get through the uncertainty and disruption of what “covid life” brought our way.

When our mind is occupied by worries stemming from activities that occur outside our control, besides bringing on stress, we actually become less connected to our own self. 

For this reason, and especially in our current age of media, it is even more important than ever to take a few minutes a day to think about NOTHING. To intentionally sit (or stand, or lay down, or float — the point is intention, not doing it someone else’s way) and release your mind from having any thoughts. Through this intentional practice, we naturally deepen our connection to self. 

If you have a hard time meditating here are two questions you could think on when you take time to close your eyes: What does my breathing sound like? What does nothing look like?    

The idea is to let go.
To let go of thoughts as they occur, and especially without judgment.
To let go of expectations and results.
To let go of the need to accomplish anything. 

If you keep a steady practice of meditation, just 2-3 minutes a day even, you will see a change in your perspective on life. And calm comes, as well.

Please share your experience with meditation in the comments below.