I’m wondering lately why we are prone to negative self-talk. It seems almost ingrained in our nature. It doesn’t help to recognize that we are surrounded by negativity: judgement, resentment, jealousy, anger, and more, are abundant everywhere. We hear a couple negative things from others and the mind can’t help but react with additional negative thoughts. It is a pattern. A habit. A way of life that we’ve known for too long. It is important to take time daily to remind our mind to stay on track and not get distracted by the “thoughts” we are trying to get our self to believe. “You aren’t good enough.” “You’re lazy.” “You’re so stupid.”

It is easy enough to say, “I am confident and am not bothered by what other people think of me.” Or, “I love myself and am full of confidence.” But it is easier to think: “Yeah, right, I’ll just stop being bothered by what people are thinking about me, and I’ll do it starting [snaps fingers] now. Oh, and I’ll go ahead and just ignore the bashing I do on myself while I’m at it.”

You can say your affirmation, but not really believe it. It takes time and commitment to change a habit, but if you put focus into this idea every day for a couple of weeks, you’ll be surprised how much better your thought-reactions can be!

I’d like to share a tip with you about building belief behind your affirmation.

Do you ever think about your future self? You know, the person you are striving to become on your transformational journey? Let me tell you something, she’s really amazing! She’s got her mindset clear and is radiating her light. When you can see yourself, in all your beautiful glory, all your (in)decisions become so much easier to make.

When you get stuck on negative self-talk, see if you can stop for a second and think of how your future self would react. Would future self take any time to be bothered by opinionated comments, or would she shrug it off knowing that others’ opinions have no true impact on how you continue to evolve?

Actually, future self can help in many situations. When the alarm goes off for you to get up for your early morning routine before the family starts needing you, you have two choices. You can snooze the alarm and go back to sleep, or you can put your feet on the floor, sit up, and set off on what you intended to do to give yourself the time and space to be your best.

We all want to be better in our future, so it is safe to say that future self would never push the snooze button. Future self is happy and fit and spreads light with loving kindness, all by turning off the alarm and taking action.

Use your future self to help you make your decisions today. Choices become easier to make when you have guidance from your future self. Set your affirmation with true positive transformation in mind, and the belief will come. Trust yourself, soon to be your future self!


Here are some affirmations you might consider adding to your list:

  •    I am proud of all I have accomplished
  •    I honor the best parts of myself and share them with others
  •    Today I give myself permission to be greater than my fears
  •    I feel comfortable with the decisions I make
  •    My feelings of self esteem are strong
  •    My feelings of self worth are strong
  •    I have high self confidence
  •    I realize I have the right to change my mind
  •    I am always treated with consideration and respect
  •    I believe in and trust myself
  •    I choose to respond to criticism in a constructive way
  •    I see criticism as information that empowers me