If you have ever read about being more positive, changing your life, or any self improvement topic, then you have probably come across the concept of affirmations.

The reason people talk about them and encourage them so much is because of how powerful they can be. An affirmation is just a positive statement you repeat to yourself to get into a positive mindset. It seems so simple, but it truly does make a major difference in how you think and act.

Here are some different ways you can use your daily affirmations.

Write Them in Your Journal Each Day

When you write down affirmations, it is good to have them in a permanent place to reference. Have a page in your journal dedicated to all your favorite positive affirmations. You can either read off this list every day, or actually write new ones down each day.

Every morning when you write in your journal, write down at least one positive affirmation that pertains to something occurring that day, or that will help your mindset for what you have coming up. Writing it down is going to help you use it efficiently, along with saying it out loud to yourself.


Keep Digital Copies of Your Affirmations

It is also a good idea to have your favorite affirmations in other places, to be used any time you need them. Maybe you keep your journal at home, but you need a quick positive affirmation while you are at work or running errands. Try to keep a digital copy of them on your phone, so that you can reference them at any time. This really helps in those unexpected situations.

Set a Timer for Using the Affirmations

Having a hard time remembering to use your affirmations each day? Set a timer! This can be a timer that goes off at the same time each day, like shortly before you typically get ready for work, or in the evenings around bedtime. You can also have different timers each day depending on what your schedule looks like.

Use Event-Specific Affirmations

There might also be times in your life when you need a positive attitude about a certain situation that is causing you stress or anxiety. For example, if you have a big oral presentation coming up soon at work or school, you might be worried about all the things that could potentially go wrong. Instead of focusing on those, focus on something positive. Create affirmations that help you understand you are capable of doing this presentation, remind yourself that you are prepared, and that you are brave and strong.

Pro Tip – Make sure the affirmations you choose are only for yourself, and not others. These are all about you and your own mindset. They should not reflect any other person in your life. They are personal and private, and you don’t need to feel like you should share them with anyone.