For many people, meat is a major player when it comes to the central ingredients of meals. Meals like these are usually accompanied by some kind of starch like potato and vegetable because of the way the food pyramid was created, but what if you really didn’t need meat to complete a diet? After over 20 years of research, doctors have discovered that meat is not only nonessential, but you can actually gain excellent benefits by giving up meat!

  1. You’ll Have Less Inflammation

One thing that is highly common among people who suffer from diseases and disorders of various types, is that they will often experience some form of inflammation a large portion of the time. Meats, especially those that have been processed or filled with preservatives along with the snack foods that they are served with are relatively famous in the health community for their ability to increase the amount of acidity and inflammation in the body.

Studies have linked these outbreaks of inflammation to all sorts of illnesses including heart attacks, strokes and other seriously life-threatening conditions. These experiments have even seen clear divisions along both geographic and cultural lines involving the ingredients chosen to be incorporated in food.On the other hand however, one major surprise came when they tested people who avoided meat entirely, and it became obvious that people with a primarily plant-based diet tended to avoid many of those illnesses. According to the researchers, they believe that this outcome was due to the plant-based diets, which by nature and natural composition tend to be anti-inflammatory.


  1. It Lowers Cholesterol

How is your cholesterol? If you’ve been keeping up on current events, it’s likely that you’ve heard about the rise in high cholesterol around the world. Much of this is probably the result of the increase in consumption of convenience foods. As people become busier, fewer of them are cooking at home, and larger numbers are consuming these processed foods, but there is bad news on the horizon for those who have adopted this habit.

Foods that are high in cholesterol are associated with many of the illness mentioned in the previous section, because high cholesterol plays a big part in the formation of fat deposits in the vascular system. This happened because cholesterol which is intended to act as a carrier for many fats in your body now simply attracts free floating fat cells that easily get stuck together where they can form barriers to blood flow. If these barriers keep too much blood from flowing to organs like the brain, then a stroke is likely to occur. Plants based diets encourage your body to eliminate these fats by carrying them to disposal sites like lymph glands.


  1. It May Reduce Your Risk for Cataracts

According to studies carried about by multiple groups, diet can be a factor in the development of cataracts. Some of these health professionals believe that the tissues that form and help cloud the eyes are partially due to the fats, degenerated tissues and other wastes that haven’t been expelled by the body under normal circumstances. Having a higher amount of the right foods in your diet can help your body to work on a more efficient level.

With a balance of diet and proper exercise that can help to mechanically agitated stagnating tissue particles, you can make it easier for your body to rid itself of the dead cells, and poisons that would later become a problem. By being added to an obstruction. Many of the plant cholesterols have also been proven to be more effective at removing LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream.


  1. It Can Boost Your Skin

Do you want to have healthier skin? Experts say that one of the best ways to do that would be to cut back or stop eating meat altogether. The reason why is that the added stress from processing the chemicals contained in meat, and the strain that it puts on your system from extra fats and sodium might be too much for any healthy body to deal with. Meat needs to go through a few changes before it can be eaten by people, and the first is usually cooking.

Cooking meat liquifies fats, which are then changed on a molecular level by the heating process. These fats can become new compounds that aren’t very good for you, so even when you eat meat, the amounts should be kept to a lesser amount. Fresh fruits and vegetables on the other hand can be eaten right off of the plant that they come from.

Raw fruits and vegetables retain a lot more of their nutritional value, so any time you can make it possible to have these raw foods as a part of your meals, you’re doing the most you can to get the vitamins and minerals that you need. That’s a major contrast to meats, which are normally very unsafe to eat raw because they can carry harmful bacteria and parasites that the cooking process helps you to avoid.


  1. There is a Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

The types of food that you eat can also have a profound effect on your blood sugar that could change your life forever. There are still a large portion of the population who have not been diagnosed as having pre-diabetic symptoms, but they’re out there. The habits and customs of specific groups have given a lot of insight into the drastic ways in which your health can be affected in not only the short term, but also the long term, because there are illnesses that can occur simply from going long periods without obtaining the complete nutrition that your genome was raised on.

In many of these studies, scientists were able to see that twice as many people who ate both meats and vegetables had diabetes compared to the those who had primarily vegan or vegetarian diets.

Some of these studies actually lasted longer than a decade so that researchers could get more in-depth information about how diets and food choices can influence your health, and many of them saw predictable results. Diabetes continued to be far more common among those eating meat. Each new revelation had its own sets of questions, but the doctors remained committed to their search for answers.

Eventually, they came to realize that some of the chemicals involved in meat production could actually harm cells and their ability to reproduce accurately. Many of these elements mixed with the newer chemicals used to preserve these meats were found to be directly linked in some way, but the FDA believed that these additions and their side effects were negligible.


  1. Plant Protein Is Easier on Your Body

Early 21st century studies about the eating habits of people have revealed that most people get about 1 and a half times the amount of protein that they need in a day. When these extra proteins are discovered by your body, they can end up being treated as wastes that your system has to flush out. Animal protein have a more difficult time being utilized and broken down by the body for a variety of reasons.

When these extra proteins go unused, anything that isn’t treated as waste will be stored as fats, and these fats can have some unpleasant effects once they reach your bloodstream. These types of proteins are also closely linked to outbreaks of inflammation that can lower your quality of life, and create fertile circumstances for disease and illnesses. Keeping your protein at an accessible, proper level will put you in a more efficient state of operation.


  1. You’ll Have a Healthy Microbiome 

People can always follow dieting trends or the latest advice from the newest crop of fads, but few people listen to their body in a biological sense. It’s easy to forget that you gut contains an entire system of microorganisms that it uses to carry out all sorts of functions in your body. If you don’t pay close attention to what you gut is doing, you could end up very sick and develop a seemingly random assortment of illnesses. This is because the gut has a massive role in helping manage quite a few different systems that your body needs to work properly each day.

That means keeping your gut flora healthy so that they can perform their tasks. Without a proper balance of these bacteria, harmful strains could make you sick, or you could develop weight issues, or autoimmune disease. When you eat plants, they naturally support this system

Another important issues, is that these living organisms make it possible for you to eat certain foods and digest them without having to use some kind of external system. The important thing to learn from this though, is that without this part of your body, few of the foods you enjoy today would be possible.


  1. There Can Be Metabolic Advantages

As it was mentioned before, foods that are primarily vegetarian in content tend to be a lot easier for you to digest, and when your body doesn’t have to work as hard, you could say that your metabolism is working on a more efficient level than it was previously. A highly functional metabolism will help you to lose and keep weight off because it’s burning and utilizing the food you eat in proper ways. People who eat vegan diets are usually among those with the fastest metabolic functions.


  1. You May Save Money

People tend to think of vegan or vegetarian lifestyles as being more expensive, but it turns out the exactly the opposite is true. Animal based foods have to go through more steps to make them safe compared to plant-based foods. This results in you eating a lot more preservatives than you would if you had eaten something fresh from the ground. These pre-made foods generally put a lot of money in the advertising and packaging, so that a large portion of what you pay for is the presentation of the snack food. Animal products like milk and cheese require a lot of power and resources to make, so they’re more expensive to buy than a few fresh vegetables.


  1. It Can Help You Maintain Your Weight

Animal proteins have a way of hanging around in your system for quite some time. These fats can float around and stick to other fats, get stuck in places, or just gather up around our stomach, but a solid diet of the right plants can help you have a lot of energy and keep your metabolism working hard and on time. Some foods can slow you down so much that they take hours or even a day to digest. This kind of handicapping of your metabolism can have disaster effects on your body over time, so a lot of exercise could be the answer to preventing those possibilities.