Most days it seems there is just never enough time. But finding 5 minutes daily to find inner peace can really be quite manageable.

If you make it intentional, setting aside 5 minutes a day is easy. Over time, you might challenge yourself to add 1 or 2 minutes more each day, slowly but surely, and in really no time you will be up to 20 or 30 minutes daily, which will provide you with so many benefits.


Set aside time each day, preferably at the same time daily, to give yourself a relaxing moment. Your phone should be turned to mute, or better yet, placed in another room.

When you close your eyes, be sure to relax your mind and body. As you breathe in and out, envision any tension in your body being released. The energy might find its way out through your hands, your feet, or perhaps your head.

Watch the stress flow away as you focus on your breath. If you find your mind wandering, count from 1 to 10 and repeat as often and as slowly as possible. As thoughts enter your mind (distracting you), go back to 1 and keep counting up.

You can also focus on the feelings in your body such as a discomfort in your right knee, or realizing your back is slouching, or your chin is dropping. Keep your mind as present as possible, which will enable you to keep your mind still.


Once you accomplish 5 minutes a day for a week or 10 days you will see how easy it is to incorporate this simple benefit into your life. You will be sure to go back to your day feeling relaxed and refreshed and probably even proud of the steady accomplishment.

Be sure you sit in a comfortable position with loose clothing. Don’t focus on if you are doing it right, just go back to the counting and breathing. Keep your mind in the present moment, wherever that might be.

Don’t judge, just be. And relish these few moments that you give to yourself, which makes you a better human.


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