We all need help.

The sooner we can recognize that, the sooner we can feel some freedom.

And let’s face it… people actually like to help. I know I do!

What is help?

Help doesn’t always have to mean doing an errand or even lending money. Help can also come in conversations. Talking with another person about something important in our lives can help us process information and articulate our perspective.

Help can also mean watching your kid. I don’t like to ask my friends and family to “babysit,” but once I do, and let it happen, I see that my kid has had a good time away from home and generally the host has enjoyed quality time with my kid.

It doesn’t have to be this simple either. You could ask a friend to help you with a task you’ve been stumbling on. It depends on the friend and what you really want help with, but I’ll tell you that if any one of my friends asked me to help them figure out any basic computer skill or even software/app usage, I would be happy to meet them at their computer in that moment (yes, even virtually).

Maybe you need help repotting some over-growing plants in your home (I know I do!). Do you have a green-thumb friend, neighbor, or family member who could come over some Saturday afternoon to help you out, to make the task a little quicker and more enjoyable?

How about someone who is great at thrift sales? Perhaps she’d be willing to share her organizational skills by helping you sort through your basement pile for a couple hours?

Here’s a super healthy request for help: find an exercise buddy. Who in your life is motivated to keep their health up? Reach out and see if there is a time you could meet to go together to the gym, for a run, or to a yoga class. When possible, try to find time to also sit and chat for a while, so the meeting is even more meaningful for you both.


Look at all your relationships and recognize the many valuable skills these people around you possess. When you are ready to ask for their hand in help, start by telling them you recognize the knowledge they have and if they are willing to share their strength with you.

Help comes in so many forms, and when you can approach getting help as a means to connect more deeply with someone, it is never a chore.


Now let’s take this one step deeper.


Sometimes you have to ask yourself for help.


And I don’t mean help with washing the windows. I mean reminding yourself of your own valuable skills, and all the good you bring to the world. Ask yourself to bring out your treasured gifts! 

It is quite likely that if you continued through the end of this article, you like to help, too. If a friend needed help with one of your skill sets, you’d step right up.

Well, step up for yourself!

Sometimes you have to ask yourself for help… as in: “hey mind, would you be so kind as to not think those negative thoughts anymore?”

When in doubt, ask for help. You’ll be surprised how many out there are willing to offer it when asked, especially when it is so greatly appreciated. 

So appreciate the people around you, and also yourself!