It might be my age, but probably has just as much to do with the age in which we live, that sometimes I just want to slow down, take a breath, and soak up all that is going on around me.

Before my eyes, my baby grows into an adult. There is so much to do for him, to teach him, to learn from him.

In the midst of helping to raise the next generation, there is so much information out there for us to take in and so many people to interact with. Educational, child rearing, career building, shopping, or even gossip, searching can be quite consuming, not to mention most of us have a day job!

We all need a break from the bombardment to all senses. No wonder the meditation industry is booming as people seek out ways to slow down. We are all so busy, like Omid Safi writes, that is almost too difficult to make playdates for our children. The need to be busy actually drives some people to therapy

Our children get easily “bored” and can we blame them that they feel that way? It is the way society operates. We all have a golden voice within, a voice that has all the answers, but we are so distracted by the movement around us that we continue to look outward for answers.

Find your inner voice. Listen to it. Hear it. Feel it. Embrace it.

Here are some ideas to help you slow down today:

  1. Sit on your couch or comfortable chair for 15 minutes every day. But don’t watch TV, don’t look at your phone, don’t put on any music, don’t read or eat. Just sit there and allow yourself to be with your thoughts. Being bored while sitting outside is ok, but truly take the challenge to do this in a very normal place so you aren’t “entertained.”
  2. Make (and live by) with a daily schedule for when you check your email. Also make times for emailing replies and drafting new correspondances. Keep to your schedule and don’t waiver.
  3. Turn off pop-up notifications on your computer. Seriously, the info can probably wait. Make a list of what you want to check and then make a schedule if it is really important to you.
  4. Remove the FaceBook app from your phone. Schedule time(s) each day to check in via computer. And Log off the site when your allotted time has passed.
  5. Walk slowly from one destination to another. After you park the car, walk with slow intention to the grocery store. When you are inside, engage your senses to see more colors, smell more fragrances, and hear more sounds than you do when you are rushing to get items to check off your list.
  6. When you are outside, just look up at the sky. This one takes almost no effort whatsoever.
  7. Live with plants in your home. Take care of them. Talk to them.